/John Hartson: Derby days in the stands cant be beaten – Ill be there on Sunday

John Hartson: Derby days in the stands cant be beaten – Ill be there on Sunday

THE request went in to my colleagues some weeks ago… and they were expecting it.

I promised I would cover someone’s shift, no matter when and where, if I could get Sunday off. To be fair to the good folk I work alongside, they did me a turn and I’m all set.

So, my son and I will be at Celtic Park as supporters on Sunday. I don’t have to talk on the radio or appear on television. I can just be a fan.I can’t wait.

This is still the game for me. I don’t care what anyone in England tries to say, this is the derby of all derbies. Whenever the fixture is coming up. I always try my best to make sure I’m off that day so I can go and watch with the wee man.

I never get bored of them as a fan, which I have to say is very different experience from being a player. I get far more nervous these days.

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No matter where either team in the league or who happens to be playing for Celtic and Rangers at the time, for a couple of hours there is nothing more important. I love that.

As a player, I loved beating Rangers. I loved scoring the winning goals. Both happened a few times. Celtic should win on Sunday, but there were times when I played when we were the better team but it was Rangers who came away happy.

Whatever happens, however the games goes, it will be tense, riveting, exciting and the only thing people will be talking about for days to come.